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What is an e-prescription?

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The prescription is becoming digital - the electronic prescription simplifies the process of redeeming medical prescriptions. It is gradually replacing the pink paper prescription ("Muster 16").
The e-prescription offers a number of advantages: It saves time and travel, as the prescription can be transmitted digitally and pharmacies can ensure that the medication is stocked immediately after receiving it. At the doctors' office, the e-prescription facilitates prescriptions, for example, within of video consultations.
As a patient, you can now easily send your e-prescription to your local pharmacy via app. The pharmacy uses the QR code to read out which medication the doctor has prescribed - and MAYD then delivers the required medication to you in the shortest possible time!
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Prescription medication in minutes

You have an e-prescription? Have your medication delivered to your home in just a few minutes!
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1. Upload e-prescription in the MAYD app

Take a photo of your e-prescription or upload a file with your e-prescription. You can then complete the order as usual.
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2. Examination & Consultation

The pharmacy checks and processes your prescription. If you have any questions or need advice, the pharmacy will contact you directly.
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3. Direct Delivery

We deliver your medication quickly and conveniently to your home.

How does it work?

Your medicines at home in just a few steps
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Advantages of an e-prescription

You have an e-prescription? Have your medication delivered to your home in just a few minutes
Discreet and secure electronic transmission
The digital transmission offers you absolute discretion thanks to encrypted data transmission.
Fast and convenient ordering
It only takes a few minutes for the electronic prescription to be checked by our partner pharmacies, allowing you to receive your medication quickly and easily.
Receive follow-up prescriptions without having to go to the practice.
The e-prescription allows you to get follow-up prescriptions without having to go to your doctor's office every time. In most cases, the e-prescription can be issued without having to appear in person.
Save unnecessary trips to the pharmacy
With the MAYD app, you can send your e-prescription directly to your local pharmacy without leaving home. This way, you can get top-notch advice wherever you are.
Always at hand
The e-prescription is stored securely in digital form so you can access it from anywhere.
Direct delivery
Once your order has been confirmed, you can choose a time slot to receive your medication on the same day.
The ecological point of view
In Germany, up to 500 million prescriptions are issued in paper form every year. The electronic prescription is therefore a sustainable alternative to avoid wasting paper.

Scan your e-prescription

You have an e-prescription? Have your medication delivered to your home in just a few minutes

Frequently asked questions

What is the e-prescription?
The prescription is going digital: the e-prescription simplifies the filling of medical prescriptions. It is gradually replacing the pink paper prescription ("Muster 16").

There are many advantages for you: You get your medicines faster, safer and more conveniently. As a patient, you simply have to send your e-prescription to your local pharmacy via the MAYD app. This way, you get your prescription medicines delivered in just a few minutes - and without any delivery fee.
Which prescriptions can I redeem?
MAYD accepts the introduced e-prescription, which is issued electronically for pharmacy-only medications. Depending on your region and your currently selected pharmacy, you can also submit paper prescriptions, including the classic pink prescription, as well as blue private prescriptions, and more.
How much do I pay for my e-prescription?
With MAYD, there are no extra costs for e-prescriptions - and delivery is also 100% free of charge for you!

Your statutory health insurance covers the costs of your prescription medication. You may have to pay a portion of this as a co-payment. This amounts to the usual 10% of the retail price (minimum 5€ and maximum 10€) for each prescription medicine per pack. However, this co-payment is never more than the actual cost of your medicine.
Can I get consultation?
Yes, your local pharmacy will check your e-prescription and contact you by phone to advise you personally and clarify any questions you may have.
How does the delivery work?
After your pharmacy has checked your e-prescription, MAYD delivers your medicines safely, quickly and conveniently directly to your home within a few minutes. Delivery is 100% free of charge for prescription orders!
Where do I get an e-prescription?
You will receive your e-prescription (depending on the federal state) at your next doctor's visit. Simply ask your doctor for a printout of an e-prescription when you get a prescription.

If you have already visited your doctor this quarter, you do not have to go to the doctor's office - the follow-up prescription can also be issued directly digitally.

Finally, with video consultations, e-prescriptions can also be created and sent to you without a previous visit to a doctor's office. MAYD also delivers your medication directly to your home within minutes.

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