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flat collection of pills

MAYD is your pharmacy delivery service in Kiel

in minutes from the pharmacy nearby
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order meds directly to your doorstep
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This is MAYD


Medication in minutes

MAYD is the largest and best known pharmacy delivery service in Kiel. We work with the largest pharmacies in Kiel and deliver all pharmacy products directly to your door within minutes.
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Unlike ordinary mail order pharmacies, MAYD makes it possible to get the medications you want delivered to your doorstep within minutes by one of our couriers. For this, we work with many of Kiel's pharmacies, so your medications come directly from the pharmacy closest to you.

Your pharmacy delivery service in Kiel

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Have medicines delivered with MAYD

Running to the doctor with a queasy stomach, a pounding skull and a runny nose is already a horror. Then the classic at your trusted pharmacy: 'The products have to be ordered first, come back tonight or tomorrow.' With our straightforward delivery service for medications in Kiel these hassles are finally a thing of the past. MAYD delivers your medication directly to your door, depending on the location even on Sundays and holidays! In just a few minutes you will receive your order conveniently through our instant delivery service.

Your benefits with the delivery of medicines in Kiel

As a pharmacy delivery service, MAYD offers many advantages over conventional pharmacies
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Medication delivery at any time

Our MAYD riders will deliver your medications to your home in Kiel all day during the week. Depending on the delivery area, we even deliver on Sundays and holidays.
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Medication in minutes

No matter what part of town, MAYD will deliver your medications to you in Kiel in minutes. Similar to an online pharmacy, emergency pharmacy or on-call pharmacy - only faster. Not in a hurry at all? No problem, just choose a later time slot and get free shipping.
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From your local pharmacy in Kiel

Your online ordered medication comes from a pharmacy near you in Kiel. This also offers you telephone support for any questions you may have. From Monday to Sunday.


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Our medication delivery service is independent of the opening hours of your pharmacy for you even on weekends in use. Because you can't choose when you need your medication most. That's why we are open as long as possible with our medication delivery service in Kiel. Even when MAYD is closed you can place your order. It will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as we reopen.

Pharmacy opening hours in Kiel

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No instant delivery
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Emergency Pharmacies in Kiel

Official list of all pharmacies that are now on emergency duty in Kiel in your district: Find pharmacies that are open in the middle of the night so you can get help in an emergency.
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Our customers in Kiel love MAYD

Krishna M
July 16, 2022
Fast and Reliable!
Very quick and reliable deliveries! Even during sundays and late Saturdays when apothekes are closed. Thanks!
August 11, 2022
I highly Recommend
Easy to navigate and user-friendly app. Nice and friendly courier. Good time-frame for delivery.
August 2, 2022
super fast, very reliable (if in doubt - they call you to make sure you will get exactly what you need). i am super happy with the service and when you are sick- they are lifesavers
August 17, 2022
Was visiting Berlin
Was visiting Berlin, I needed meds on a Sunday, this worked like a charm!

Frequently asked questions

When does MAYD deliver in Kiel
The MAYD delivery service brings your medication directly to your door every day during the week. Regardless of the opening hours of your local pharmacy. Delivery is also possible on weekends, depending on the region. The exact opening hours are available on a weekly basis in the app.
Does MAYD deliver in Kiel when the pharmacy near me is not open?
Yes, regardless of whether the pharmacy near you is open, we will deliver your medications and more within our opening hours.
Will I incur additional costs?
MAYD generally delivers without surcharge. Only the delivery in minutes costs a small surcharge. If you choose a later time slot, we will deliver your medication for free.
What makes MAYD different from an online pharmacy or mail order pharmacy?
Unlike online pharmacies and mail order pharmacies, we cooperate with local pharmacies and pick up your medication from there. Our riders then deliver your medications to your doorstep. By delivering in minutes, we are also there for you in emergencies.
How is MAYD different from an emergency pharmacy, urgent care pharmacy, or on-call pharmacy?
Unlike emergency pharmacies and on-call pharmacies, you can order medications online at MAYD and have them delivered. You only have to pay attention to our opening hours, which you can find weekly in our app. You can also order outside opening hours, so that your medication will be delivered the next day when the pharmacy opens.
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