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This is MAYD


Medication in minutes

MAYD is Germany's largest and best-known pharmacy delivery service. We work directly with local pharmacies and provide immediate delivery to your door. The express delivery is not only available for ordinary medications, even prescriptions can be submitted in the app and the corresponding medicine will be delivered immediately or at a certain time if needed!
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Unlike large mail order pharmacies, MAYD works with local pharmacies - so the medications come directly from a pharmacy near you. MAYD thus acts only as a pharmacy delivery service and ensures that the drugs are brought directly to your door in minutes.

How does it work?

We deliver your medicine to your home in 30 minutes - directly from your local pharmacy


Intuitive order process

Simply search for your product or symptom, or submit your prescription. You can easily pay for your order via Paypal, credit card, Apple or Google Pay.


Instant or scheduled delivery?

MAYD offers you to receive your medication in a few minutes - by express delivery directly to your door. Alternatively, you can specify a time when the medication will be delivered to you, directly later today or in the next few days.


Direct shipping

Our messenger will deliver your medication to your home immediately from the pharmacy near you.
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Medication in minutes, 365 days a year

Emergency pharmacies near you

Your local pharmacy isn't always open. The MAYD pharmacy delivery service delivers even up to midnight, depending on the region, so you can have your medications ordered immediately from your bed to your bed. In case of utmost need, it is recommended to go to an emergency pharmacy on Sundays and holidays. An official list of all pharmacies that are now on emergency duty in your area can be found here:
Find your emergency pharmacy
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FAQ about the MAYD pharmacy delivery service

What is MAYD?
MAYD is Germany's best-known pharmacy delivery service. We work with the largest pharmacies and deliver all pharmacy products directly to your door within minutes. And depending on the region, 365 days a year, Monday - Sunday, from 8 a.m. to midnight.
What are the opening hours?
We deliver your order 365 days a year from 8 am to midnight, even on Sundays and holidays! In selected areas, the opening hours of the delivery service may vary. Outside these delivery times, you can also place orders, which will then be delivered to you the next morning from 8 am directly from the pharmacy.
Is there a delivery fee?
Depending on the area MAYD delivers your order without additional delivery costs, regardless of the order value. For instant delivery there is a small service fee to be paid. You can pay conveniently via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or with your credit card.
Can I redeem my prescription?
Since September 2022, you can redeem your e-prescription with us. Soon, the familiar classic paper prescriptions will also be able to be redeemed. If you redeem the prescription via the MAYD app, the medication will be delivered to you immediately without a delivery fee.
Are medications more expensive at MAYD than at the conventional walk-in pharmacy?
The good news for you - no. Our prices are identical to those of the respective partner pharmacy despite delivery to your home.

This is MAYD! - Medication in minutes

We deliver everything from your local pharmacy to your doorstep. With us, you get everything from medicines to your beauty products. If you have any questions about our products or your symptoms, you can get competent advice from our partner pharmacists.
As a pharmacy delivery service, we attach great importance to the direct and uncomplicated processing of the purchase and especially to the fastest possible delivery of the urgently needed medication.

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